Check-in ticket

Check in – ride – check out – that’s it! With the ZVV ticket app’s check-in feature, you always have the right ticket, throughout Switzerland, for your spontaneous travel plans.

The check-in ticket offers a range of advantages. Try it out for yourself!

5 advantages of the check-in ticket


The easiest way to validate a ticket:

Check in – ride – check out, the app does the rest. 


With the check-in function, you can also easily add a connecting ticket to an existing travelcard.

You can now also check in several people at the same time.


Stay flexible with the check-in function. Your ticket automatically adapts to your journey throughout Switzerland.

You can check the area of validity for your check-in-ticket here


With the check-in feature, you’ll always have the right ticket. Any association and half-fare cards are automatically recognised when you check in.


Validate your ticket in just one swipe before getting on your train without having to spend ages looking for it.

How it works

  • Installation: Download the ZVV app and link it with your SwissPass so that your available travelcards are recognised.
  • Before getting on board: Tap on the “Check-in ticket” function on the homepage. Select the class you want and swipe the slider to the right to check in. A green tick will appear to show you that you are checked in.
  • After getting off board: To check out, swipe the slider to the left.

Download now

The ZVV app is available free of charge for iOS and Android mobile phones. It does not work on tablets.

Additional information


Answers to the most frequently asked questions about using the check-in feature are available here


The General Terms and Conditions of the check-in feature are available here.

Area of validity

The area of validity for your check-in-ticket is available here