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The app provides you with all the latest timetable information throughout Switzerland and allows you to purchase tickets and travelcards within seconds. It offers all ZVV and Z-Pass tickets, as well as tickets and day passes for all other regional networks and the rest of Switzerland.

Based on various user feedback and ideas, we have redesigned and enhanced the homepage of the ZVV app. Read more about the individual features of the ZVV app here:

Homepage with quick access to all important functions

The home page now has three tabs: the “Home” tab is active during the initial installation, and later the last used tab is always displayed when the app is opened. Direct access to SwissPass Mobile and your tickets is possible from every tab.

ZVV app home

Home: Traffic information and planned trips

The current traffic information is prominently displayed here. You can save your planned trips here. Traffic events on these routes will be sent to you via push notification; these can also be paused if necessary.

ZVV app timetable

Timetable: Real-time timetable and map-based connection search

From the start page, launch the Swiss-wide timetable search and quickly find your desired connection. The timetable query can be started using one or two input fields, and the view can be adjusted using the arrow icon. If there are two fields, the current location is automatically adopted directly as the departure point.

The app offers you a variety of filter options and real-time information on delays, connection times, and other service information. You can share this travel information, save it to your calendar or add it to your start page.

If you buy your tickets directly via the timetable query, you benefit exclusively from affordable supersaver tickets for national connections (for specific trains only).

Using the map view, you can show stops in the area and the upcoming departures. It is also possible to search for stops, addresses and locations and show the required timetables. The travel routes are shown on the map.

ZVV app ticket

Tickets: Single tickets, day passes and multiple tickets or check-in ticket

With just a few taps, you can buy tickets for journeys in the ZVV network and throughout the whole of Switzerland – for yourself, your travel companions, dogs and bikes. Multiple tickets are also available in the app.

The simplest way to purchase tickets in the app: check in – ride – check out – that’s it! With the ZVV ticket app’s check-in feature, you always have the right ticket throughout Switzerland and can change your travel plans on the fly. Journeys are billed daily via the chosen payment method or monthly via invoices. The smart stop feature helps you out if you forget to check out. 

Printscreen SwissPass in ZVV-App

SwissPass & Tickets

You can access your SwissPass or tickets at any time using the SwissPass & Tickets button. The easiest way is to login with your SwissPass, so that existing subscriptions such as the Half-Fare travelcard are automatically taken into account when purchasing tickets.

You can also buy, renew or refund your personal ZVV pass or Z-Pass travelcard directly in the app. All you need is an existing SwissPass, which you can link in the app. You can show the travelcard directly in the app if there is a ticket inspection. On request, you can receive a reminder to renew your travelcard on your mobile phone.

The «ZVV app» is available free of charge for iOS and Android mobile phones. It does not work on tablets.

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