Frequently asked questions about the personalised ZVV departure board

With your personalised ZVV departure board, you and your guests, your staff or customers are always informed in real time about upcoming departures at surrounding stops. We have listed the most important questions about set-up and use.

Questions about use

Is it free to use the service?

The use of personalised ZVV departure boards is free of charge. The terms and conditions of use apply. You must provide the hardware (monitor) required to display the departures.

What are the terms and conditions of use for personalised ZVV departure boards?

Detailed information and regulations regarding the use of personalised ZVV departure boards can be found in the terms and conditions of use.

How can I display a ZVV departure board in full-screen mode and how do I return from it?

This varies depending on the browser and system. On Windows, most browsers allow you to switch between full-screen mode and window mode by pressing the "F11" key.

Customised ZVV departure display in an office environment
The individual ZVV departure board works on most common screens.

Technical questions

For which browsers has the personalised ZVV departure board been optimised?

The personalised ZVV departure board has been optimised for the most common browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari) in their current versions (no older than 2 years).

On which screens can the personalised ZVV departure board be displayed?

The personalised ZVV departure boards have been programmed in a responsive way. In other words, they work on all common formats and screens. Only an explicit mobile version has been omitted, as the departure boards always show the stops that have been requested.

Does the personalised ZVV departure board still work even after a timetable change?

Departure data (rates, frequency, departure times, etc.) are automatically updated as part of the official timetable change. However, new or cancelled lines are not automatically transferred for technical reasons. These changes must be made by the user themselves as required by amending the departure board.

Can I have the personalised ZVV departure board read out to me?

Yes, the personalised ZVV departure board can be read aloud using standard screen readers. You can navigate between the individual departures by pressing the tab key. For Chrome, for example, there is the Screen Reader extension.

Is it possible to obtain the departure information as data only?

Yes, please refer to the corresponding industry solution for a real-time data stream on public transport departures in Switzerland.

How can the personalised ZVV departure board be adjusted?

For technical reasons, for every modification a new board must be generated via the configuration form.

Can the personalised ZVV departure board be customised beyond the options given in the form or supplemented with a logo or advertising?

As stated in the terms and conditions of use, the personalised ZVV departure boards must be displayed unchanged and in full (including layout, colours, fonts, ZVV logo, etc.). The board must also not be covered by other graphic elements.

Who can I contact if I have trouble setting up the screens?

As ZVV does not offer IT support for setting up the screens, please contact your own IT support team.

Why are some departures not sorted according to the next departure time?

When calculating the display position of a departure, the specified walking distances are also taken into account. This can lead to unusual departure sequences, especially if the walking distances to the stops are very different.

Why are train departures not displayed at a stop with “Bahnhof" (e.g. “Dietikon, Bahnhof”)? Why are only the train departures displayed at local stops (e.g. “Dietikon”) but not the bus and tram departures?

In order to be able to distinguish train stations from bus and tram stops at these stations, in the Swiss public transport system train stations are designated with the respective city names (e.g. “Dietikon”), while bus and tram stops are given an additional specification in addition to the city name (e.g. “Dietikon, Bahnhof”).

Why are certain bus stops displayed in countdown mode and other bus stops in absolute time mode?

The countdown display is only used for so-called interval schedules. Interval schedules are schedules in urban areas where departure occur more frequently than every 15 minutes.

The URL is too long to display on my browser/system. What can I do?

We are aware of this problem, but cannot yet offer a solution. In the meantime, we refer you to the possibility to use an URL shortener (e.g. or

Further questions

Why are contact details (name and email) required?

We need a contact person to send information to in the event of service interruptions and to provide useful information.

How can I edit or delete my contact details?

If you would like to edit or delete your contact details, please get in touch with our support team.

Why is the location of the monitor on which I display the personalised ZVV departure board required?

According to the terms and conditions of use, the environment in which a personalised ZVV departure board is displayed must not violate legal provisions, official requirements or court prohibitions. The location details allow us to review these requirements if necessary.

Who can I contact if there are problems with the personalised ZVV departure board?

If you have any problems with the personalised ZVV departure board, our support team will be happy to help.

How can I cancel the personalised ZVV departure board?

You don’t have to cancel anything. You can simply discontinue the use of the departure board. If a personalised ZVV departure board is not used for more than six months, the corresponding contact details will be deleted. If you would like the data associated with your order to be deleted early, please contact our support team.


If you have not been able to find an answer to your question, please contact us directly by email.