Connection search

The easiest and fastest way to find barrier-free connections is to use the online timetable or the ZVV timetable app.

In the online timetable you can search for barrier-free connections. You will find the function under "Optionen".

Bild des Bildschirms «Verbindungsoptionen» in der ZVV-Fahrplan-App.
Screenshot of the ZVV timetable app (Android)

In the extended search mask, you have the option of displaying the status of barrier-free connections or restricting your search to barrier-free connections. You can also choose to allow or not allow boarding and disembarking with advance notice.

Transfer times

The transfer times in the online timetable may be too short for people with walking disabilities. You can also extend the transfer times under "Optionen". Please note that certain connections may no longer be displayed or the itinerary may change if transfer times are longer.

Bild der Darstellung einer Verbindungsabfrage in der ZVV-Fahrplan-App inkl. Symbole zur Behindertengerechtigkeit.
Symbols in the ZVV timetable app (Android)


The symbols in the connection query show you whether step-free entry or exit is possible. You can find out more about the meaning of the symbols here.