The Z-Pass is a tariff association for Zurich as a place to live and work, offering tickets to connect the ZVV network with neighbouring networks.

People need to travel beyond cantonal borders. Therefore the Z-Pass facilities journeys between the ZVV and adjoining networks.

A Z-Pass ticket enables you to travel between the ZVV network and the following networks:

  • A-Welle
  • Schwyz regional transport network
  • Zug regional transport network

The Z-Pass is a zone-based ticket: While the ticket is valid, you can travel freely within your chosen zones by train, bus, tram and boat. The Z-Pass is available as a single ticket or as a monthly or annual travelcard. It is also available as a Z-BonusPass for employees under special conditions. The Z-Pass is issued on the SwissPass.

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Further information

For more information on the Z-Pass, click here.