Can I return my monthly or annual ZVV travelcard and have it refunded?

Yes, you can return ZVV travelcard and have it refunded. Travelcards can be returned free of charge in the ZVV ticket app or the ZVV ticket shop. They can also be returned at staffed sales points or by telephone to the ZVV-Contact customer service subject to a return fee of CHF 10.

The refund according to the percentage refund table is then calculated on the basis of the number of days of use, i.e. on the period between the first day of validity and the day of return.

Further information as well as details on how to determine the refund amount and the corresponding levying of the deductible can be found in our tariff regulations and guidelines (German only).


* Usage period

A travelcard is no longer refundable after it has been used for a certain number of days. Annual passes are refunded up to a validity period of 270 days, monthly travellcards are not refunded after 7 days and 9 o'clock passes after 4 days of use.

Single tickets / multiple tickets

Multiple tickets (not fully validated) and even unused single tickets can also be refunded.