Travelling with disabilities

Here you will find information on disabled assistance and the ProMobil taxi service.

Identity card for disabled people

Disabled people living in Switzerland can take an accompanying person and/or a guide dog with them free of charge with the corresponding «Identity card for disabled passengers» (accompanying card). Either the traveller or the accompanying person must be in possession of a valid ticket. You can find further information on how to obtain the accompanying card here.


Wheelchairs are transported free of charge if the user travels with it.


People living in the canton of Zurich who have a mobility disability and who find it difficult to get to public transport stops or cannnot or only with great difficulty get into a vehicle of the public transport can use the services of the Zurich Foundation for the Transport of Disabled People for leisure travel, provided they are in possession of a corresponding pass. Within a radius of about fifteen kilometres from their starting point, they can travel by taxi at a greatly reduced rate.

The right to claim is clarified by Pro Infirmis for persons of IV age and by Pro Senectute for persons of AHV age:

  • Pro Infirmis
    Hohlstrasse 560
    8048 Zürich
    Telefon 058 775 25 25
  • Pro Senectute
    Seefeldstrasse 94a
    8032 Zürich
    Telefon 058 451 50 00 

More information:  

8031 Zürich
Kundendienst 044 278 90 00