Step-free access bus

With very few exceptions, the transport companies in the ZVV only use lowerable buses.


The easiest way to plan your trip is to use the ZVV online timetable or the ZVV app. The connection query can be restricted to connections barrier-free connections. You can also extend the transfer times. You can find more about these functions here.


With a few exceptions, the transport companies in the ZVV only operate low-floor buses that can be lowered. Exceptions: Buses on the lines 137, 533, 534 and 871 are not suitable for wheelchair users.


Persons with walking disabilities best enter at the front. This way the driver can see you better, leave the door open longer or help you if necessary. Press the blue wheelchair button if you need more time or you need help to get in or out of the bus.

The height of the step between the bus and the stop varies from stop to stop. At some stops, wheelchair users can board and alight independently.

At many stops, wheelchair users require assistance from the driver. Wheelchair ramps are located at the second door from the front. This is also where the wheelchair spaces are located. The driver will help you get on and off the bus.

If the bus stop has no pavement or is too narrow, people in wheelchairs may not be able to get on or off the bus even with the wheelchair ramp. In these cases, you can request a shuttle from 1 January 2024.